Body Empowerment

The "Body Empowerment" series features videos by writer, performer, and eating disorder recovery advocate Caroline Rothstein. This blog includes her personal work and related links by others that promote eating disorder prevention and recovery, and positive body image. After having an eating disorder for 10 years, Caroline has been recovered since 2004. She has been sharing her experience as a public speaker and advocate for over a decade.

Caroline began the "Body Empowerment" video series on YouTube in 2008 to expand dialogue and conversation about eating disorder recovery and positive body image.

The "Body Empowerment" series airs at Caroline welcomes viewer requests and questions from any of the social media outlets with which she is connected. Join the conversation and journey! Eating disorder recovery is possible, real, and important!
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I’ve always thought of eating disorder recovery as moving into a new house. In order for the recovery and healing to sustain itself, and to have any shot at maintenance and even permanence, you have to build a house that will sustain this new chapter, this profound transition, this life saving move. You start with the foundation - wood, brick, concrete - of treatment and a support network; you add on the walls and electricity of healthy outlets like therapeutic arts or intuitive eating and intutitive movement; you furnish each room with choices and decisions that allow you to feel safe and healthy and thrive; and when you’re ready, when it all clicks, when you realize your life is worth living in this gorgeous house, you move in. And as you sit with utter patience, you decide to stay.
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